No ads.

No tracking.

No algorithms.

Twt has no ads, will never track its users and you choose what goes on your timeline not an algorithm. On Twt you own your content and since it's open source you are free to run your own pod on a server you control.

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    Decentralized internet

    Your social media the way it should be.

    Open source project Twt is a decentralized micro-blogging platform that adheres to a simple standard called twtxt. You can download it and run you own.

    Hosted instances Not a technical person? No worries. The creators of this project also created where you can start your own small community and join the larger Twt “social media” network with family, friends and like minded folks. We bring the tech, you bring the conversations. Learn more at

    RESTful API Use our API to build your own mobile api or CLI command application that integrates with txtxt.

    Getting started with Twt

    -> Get started with Twt and join a pod today! Simply follow these three easy steps and join using our Web App or Mobile App (Goryon).

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    How does Twt compare to Twitter™?

    Twt and thus all pods (that’s what we call an individual server) is actually pretty similar to Twitter™ so if you’ve used Twitter™ before you’ll feel right at home!