How does Twt compare to Twitter™?

Twt and thus all pods (that’s what we call an individual server) is actually pretty similar to Twitter™ so if you’ve used Twitter™ before you’ll feel right at home!

You can:

You can also update your profile, say a little about yourself, upload a mug shot (or if you don’t we’ll create an automated avatar for you!).

Unlike Twitter™ however:

Most importantly of all Twt, Twtxt (the foundation we built upon) and pods are designed from the ground up to be decentralized. What does this mean for you? It simply means that there is no single service or entity that underpins the general Twt / Twtxt “social network”. You are free to join any Pod, whether it be a friend’s Pod or the one we run at, run your own or purchase a hosted fully-managed Pod from us. No single person or entity controls the platform overall.

Additionally (but subtly) the platform and the software behind it does not care about censorship or moderation. We believe users have the right, the power and knowledge to follow who they want (or not) and grow their own social interactions. Please see our Abuse Policy for more details.